The futur already existed in the 80s, a futur just like this pivotal decade between 2 worlds, 2 periods, assuring the passage of the analog to the digital, of the electric to the syntheticl, the reality to the virtual. As a hyphen between past and future between old and new technologies.

On the occasion of the release of its second volume, the Retrowave 02 compilation will be presented with a free 3D video game available for download, which will plunge you into the universe of « Retrowave City ». In an abandoned and partially destroyed city, alone, you owe through an urban wandering, to find billboards of 10 of the present artists on the compilation, and activate extracts to be listened in preview, under the format of a mini video clip. A free title is also to be discovered for those who will know how to inspect all the hidden recesses of Retowave City. (Game dowload link below)



(Minimum system requirements : CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or higher / RAM 512 Mo)

MAC   –   PC